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Caesarstone Melbourne

Within the past two decades the Stone Industry as we know it has witnessed the exciting emergence and development of a highly maintenance-free and durable Quartz product commonly known as Reconstituted Stone, which is a stone surface predominantly manufactured from natural quartz (app 95%), pigments, and bonding resins.
One of the largest companies in the industry is CAESARSTONE MELBOURNE, who were one of the pioneers in the creation of this very exciting, faultless surface. CAESARSTONE MELBOURNE has managed to continually develop and improve its Quartz slab characteristics and benefits to an amazingly high standard, with an almost endless selection of approximately thirty-two colours, and features which can match the beautiful veining and luminosity of NATURAL STONE, without the hassle of maintenance and degradation of the surface.

The Benefits of Caesarstones

CAESARSTONE MELBOURNE produces Caesarstone benchtops in Melbourne which is Heat resistant, Scratch Resistant, Stain resistant, does not require sealing ( as opposed to Natural Stone), and is generally mould resistant as well. As an example, a beautiful Natural Marble, such as “CALCUTTA” can stain very easily with a spill of Red wine, even if it has been professionally sealed. CAESARSTONE MELBOURNE has an equivalent non-porous surface which the Red wine will not impregnate if cleaned immediately, hence protecting your valuable investment.

Recently CAESARSTONE MELBOURNE has opened a new Distribution center, and a state of the art showroom in Heatherton, showcasing their entire range with friendly, helpful staff on hand to answer your queries. The selection of colours at CAESARSTONE MELBOURNE can cater from the Budget conscious client ( Standard Range), through to the Exclusive, and somewhat expensive Natural marble appearances, ( Supernatural Ultra Range).

Add Comfort and Style to Kitchen with Our Caesarstone Benchtops in Melbourne

Since 2000 ABA STONE has been a proud partner with CAESARSTONE MELBOURNE, furnishing thousands of residences with high quality reconstituted stone bench tops and additions, turning our client’s dreams into the reality beyond their expectations. If you are after quality Caesarstone benchtops Melbourne solution for your new build/ renovation which meets your requirements please do not hesitate to contact ABA STONE, and enquire about the benefits of utilizing CAESARSTONE MELBOURNE for your new stone bench tops.


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